2009 - 2015

Modification Year Engine Type
0.5L DIESEL 2009-2015 Select


Mahindra is a leading car maker that has been producing high-quality and reliable vehicles for customers around the world for several decades. With a focus on innovation, technology, and sustainability, Mahindra has become a trusted name in the automotive industry.

When it comes to style and design, Mahindra is known for its rugged and robust vehicles that offer a comfortable and practical ride. From the popular Scorpio SUV to the versatile Thar off-roader, their cars are designed to meet the needs of modern drivers, while still being visually appealing and easy on the eyes.

Safety is a top priority at Mahindra, and their vehicles come equipped with advanced safety features, such as airbags, anti-lock braking systems, and electronic stability control, to ensure that drivers and passengers stay safe on the road.

In addition to their focus on style and safety, Mahindra is dedicated to sustainability. Their cars are designed to be fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, with hybrid and electric models available to meet the needs of eco-conscious buyers.

Overall, Mahindra is a trusted car maker that delivers high-quality, reliable, and practical vehicles that meet the needs of modern drivers. Whether you're looking for a rugged off-roader or a practical family vehicle, you can trust Mahindra to deliver the best possible driving experience